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Our expert staff is waiting to fulfill your product and service needs

Transcontinental Steel can can help you fulfill all your project and service requirements. Our employees have years of experience and can help you find exactly what you need. For over 50 years, we’ve been building and delivering, on time and on budget. Need a quote? Request a quote here.

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Transcontinental Steel
256 Pacific Street
Newark, NJ 07114

Tel: (973) 596 – 0148
Fax: (973) 596 – 0679
Email: info@transsteel.net

Who You Can Contact

Joel Rosenthal973-596-0148 ext. 114jrosenthal@transsteel.net
Ross San Andres973-596-0148 ext. 104rsanandres@transsteel.net
Jimmy Bajana973-596-0148 ext. 109jbajana@transsteel.net
Patrick Walsh973-596-0148 ext. 106pwalsh@transsteel.net
Ivan Hartstein973-596-0148 ext. 108eseneca@transsteel.net
Doron Brand 973-596-0148 ext. 107doron@transsteel.net
Norbert Langer973-596-0148 ext. 102nlanger@transsteel.net
Chi Uzoeshi973-596-0148 ext. 105chidubem@transsteel.net
Jonas Auza973-596-0148 ext. 103jauza@transsteel.net
Tasos Tasigiannis973-596-0148 ext. 101taso@transsteel.net
Marcelo Erezuma973-596-0148 ext. 167marcelo@transsteel.net
Bob List973-596-0148 ext. 168boblist@transsteel.net
Alex Portnoy973-596-0148 ext. 166aportnoy@transsteel.net
Marina D’Angelo973-596-0148 ext. 115marina@transsteel.net
Donna Tracey973-596-0148 ext. 114dtracey@transsteel.net
Yirelis Colon973-596-0148 ext. 113Ycolon@transsteel.net
Kaye San Andres973-596-0148 ext. 111info@transsteel.net
Polina Furer973-596-0148 ext. 116polina@transsteel.net
Suzanne Rosenthal973-596-0148 ext. 118admin@transsteel.net
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